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            2-Bromopropionic acid
            Identification Product name:  2-bromopropionic acid 
            Product name:  2-bromopropionic acid  
            Molecular formula:  C3H5BrO2  Molecular weight:  152.98
            Structural formula:
            CAS No:  598-72-1 RTECS No:  
            HS code:  2915900090 UN No: 3265
            Dangerous goods code:  61618  IMDG Code Page:  
            Physical and Chemical Properties Appearance and properties:  Colorless to slight yellow liquid.
            Uses:  used as chemical reagent, Used in organic synthesis.
            Melting point:  25.7 Boiling point:  203(decompound)
            Relative density (water=1):  1.70 Moisture ≤:  
            2-bromopropionic acid  Assay ≥   PH value:  6.0~8.0
            Saturated vapor pressure (kPa): 1.33(96℃) Solubility:  Soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, etc.
            Critical temperature (℃): - Critical pressure (MPa): -
            Heat of combustion (kj/mol): -
            Combustion and explosion hazard Conditions to avoid: -
            Flammability: flammable Building regulation fire insurance classification:: -
            Flash point (℃):  100 Self-Ignition temperature(℃): -
            Lower explosive limit (V%): - Upper explosive limit (V%): -
            Hazardous characteristics: flammable In open flame, high heat. high thermal decomposition to produce poisonous Bromide gas.
            Combustion (decomposition) products: Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen bromide. - -
            Incompatible materials: alkali, Strong reductant, strong oxidizing agents. - -
            Fire fighting methods : spray Water for cooling container, move container from fire to open place if possible. Fire extinguishing agent: Water mist, foam, dry powder, Carbon dioxide, Sandy soil.
            Risk category: 6.1 - -
            Packaging and transportation Packing group:  053
            Directions for storage and transportation: :  . Stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse away from fire and heat source. The packing seal. Should work with oxidant, reductant, alkalis, food chemicals stored separately, avoid mix storage. Equipped with corresponding varieties and number of fire equipment. Storage area shall be equipped with emergency treatment equipment and suitable material.


            quality index
            Item Index value
            Appearance Colorless liquid or solid.
            Molecular formula   C3H5BrO
            2-bromopropane Assay ≥ 99% 
            Density (d2020) g/cm3 1.70
            PH value 6.0 ~8.0
            Moisture ≤ 0.1%

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